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What Makes us Different :               

Your house is more than a structure — it’s special, unique, the result of your hard work. It doesn’t look like the other homes on your street, so why should your insurance policy? That’s what sets our home programs apart, they can be as customized as your home.          

Your Property is Damaged or Destroyed

With our replacement cost settlement method there will be no depreciation factored in when reimbursing you for your clothing, electronics, collections, and other personal items.

If you’d like to pay a bit less, get a policy tabulated according to actual cash value. We will deduct for depreciation, so your premium will not be as expensive

If Your Identity is Compromised                                   

Provided to home customers at no additional charge, Identity Protection Services include the most comprehensive set of features to protect and restore the customer’s identity in case of theft or fraud. Included in this service are Identity Theft Resolution, Military Alert, Estate Management, Travel Benefits, Child Identity Protection, Relocation Services, Medical Identity Theft, and Disaster Mitigation services. Not provided to customers in NC, nor to NH auto customers, nor is it available to customers with all policy forms.


Low Cost Total Homeowners Coverage

  • Coverage Options
    Our home programs cover many kinds of properties and risks. Coverage options may differ by program.

    • Primary residences, seasonal and secondary homes

    • Condominiums

    • Renters programs

    • Older homes or lower in value                                       

    • Homes with minor cosmetic conditions

    • Applicants with credit or loss issues

    • Applicants who have been declined, canceled or non-renewed by another insurance company

    • And more!

    Property Coverage :
    Property insurance covers physical damage to your home, other detached structures or personal property. While no insurance policy covers everything, your policy should cover a wide range of possible damages or causes of loss. Foremost has homeowners and dwelling fire owner-occupied programs that cover losses differently.

    • Comprehensive Coverage – Covers direct, sudden and accidental physical losses that aren’t specifically excluded in your policy.

    • Named Peril coverage – Covers the perils (causes of damage such as fire, wind, hail, etc.) which are specifically named in your policy.

    Liability Coverage
    Liability insurance covers you if you’re found legally responsible for a covered injury or property damage to someone who doesn’t live in your home. It compensates injured persons for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage, and if the coverage applies, legal counsel is furnished if you’re sued.

    Optional Coverages
    Foremost offers important optional coverages that let you customize your policy. Some coverages may be subject to company approval. These are a few of the most popular coverage options:

    • Replacement Cost coverage on personal property

    • Additional coverage for jewelry, watches and furs

    • Business property and liability

    • High liability limits

    Settlement Methods
    Your settlement method depends on which Foremost policy you choose and whether or not you purchase any optional endorsements.

    • Actual Cash Value. An ACV settlement is the cost to replace or repair your damaged property, with a deduction to reflect the age and condition of the damaged property.

    • Agreed Loss Settlement. An Agreed Loss settlement means that in the case of a covered total loss to the home, your settlement will be the Amount of Insurance listed on your Declarations Page, with no deductible on the coverage for your home, unless stated elsewhere in the policy.

    • Replacement Cost. Our policy with Replacement Cost settlement reflects the cost to repair or replace damaged items with new items at today’s prices.

    • Extended Replacement Cost. For a covered loss, Extended Replacement Cost covers the cost to repair or replace your home when those costs exceed the amount of insurance stated in your policy, up to the limit stated in your policy.

    Flood Coverage
    If you’d like a flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program, Foremost’s Flood Unit can help.
    Visit the Flood Insurance page for your no-obligation estimate.

    Features and Discounts
    Discounts vary by state and program. Chances are one or more will apply to your policy. Your Independent Agent will be able to tell you the specific discounts that are available in your area and apply to your home. Examples of our many discounts include:

    • Masonry construction

    • Newer homes

    • Customer over age 50

    • Central fire and burglar alarms.

    • Auto/Home multi-policy discount                                              

    • Claims-free experience

    • Multi-policy

    The Ability to Tailor

    Seasonal Home Insurance

    Lots of homes don’t qualify for “standard” or “preferred” homeowners insurance for many different reasons. That’s what sets our program apart — we specialize in homes that may not qualify elsewhere, including seasonal or secondary properties.

    We aren’t the only company selling home insurance today. That’s why we’re committed to doing a better job than the competition. It all starts with your policy. We accept homes that other carriers won’t because of age, condition, value or other considerations. With over 50 years experience, you can rest assured knowing your Foremost policy gets you access to the nation’s most experienced team of insurance experts.

    So go ahead, relax. Leave the insurance to us.


    Foremost. The landlord and rental property insurance specialist.
    If you own a property and rent it to others, Foremost offers an insurance plan that meets the real-world needs of landlords today. That’s what sets our program apart – we specialize in helping landlords like you get the most value for your money.

    Foremost gets it.
    We aren’t the only company selling landlord and rental property insurance today. That’s why we’re committed to doing a better job than the competition. You don’t have to pay for a lot of unnecessary extras that many other companies bundle into their policies. We provide landlords solid coverage in a highly flexible package. And with Foremost, you have access to the nation’s most experienced team of insurance experts.

    So go ahead, relax. Leave the insurance to us.

    Get a landlord and rental home insurance quote.

    About the coverages described on this site: Your insurance contract is contained only in your policy, not in this Web site. Your insurance protection may vary from the coverages described here, depending on the standard coverages included in your policy and the optional coverages you purchase. Credit is only used by underwriting or rating where allowed by state law. We use credit-based insurance scoring in some cases. *Coverage may not be available in all areas.


    From burglary to storms, homeowners insurance has your residence covered — inside and out.

    If your home or its contents were damaged or destroyed by unfortunate covered events, such as a windstorm/tornado or hail, fire, theft, or vandalism, subject to its terms and conditions, a homeowners insurance policy can provide you with money to:

    • Repair your home

    • Rebuild your home

    • Replace lost or damaged property

    We make sure you can restore your house—and your life—with quality homeowners insurance .

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