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SR 22’S

What is an SR-22? 

A vehicle liability document, or certificate issued for “high risk” insurance policies after having a major/several minor violations. Although it is referred to as “SR-22 insurance” it is not a form of auto insurance and not a substitute. An SR-22 is temporary and restricted coverage for auto liability that meets the state’s minimum requirements. 

Depending on the severity of an individual’s vehicle violation, an SR-22 could be required for 1-5 years. The average time period one could expect to need an SR-22 is 2-3 years.

Who Qualifies?

-Individuals with moving violations such as reckless driving

-Driving on a revoked or suspended license

-Individuals with DUI/DWI charges

-Too many tickets in a short time period/repeat traffic offenses

-An at-fault accident while driving without insurance


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No driver’s license needed! Foreign driver’s license accepted.


No restrictions on number of accidents or traffic tickets


Monthly payments accepted!!!



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