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There are many ways to successful, life-long weight loss. Medical Weight Loss has physician-directed programs that offer strategies unavailable to non-physician weight loss programs. Our highly trained staff of physicians is dedicated to helping their patients incorporate  healthy weight loss solutions into their lives.

At MWL, we understand that no two people are alike and therefore we customize our programs to meet the individual needs of each person. Our commitment to excellence is built upon a core set of values that we believe to be crucial:

  1. The health of our patients is first and foremost.
  2. Honesty and Integrity.
  3. Adherence to the highest Standards both Ethically and Morally.
  4. Innovation based on Science and Experience.

Reaching your goal weight requires more than fad diets and occasionalScreen Shot 2012-10-24 at 4.15.05 PM exercise. You must commit to an all-around approach including both exercise and diet lifestyle changes.

At MWL, we offer a comprehensive guide to your weight loss questions.

ur program includes confidential physician visits with a written prescription. Also, you will receive nutritional and  counseling with BMI (Body Mass Index), body composition, and other measurements. Our program is what you need to start you down the path to personal success!

A BMI reading is one way to determine whether or not a person is overweight. However, it is not the only factor used in deciding if a person should begin a diet program. Your BMI is calculated using your weight and height. BMI does not distinguish between body fat and fat free mass.

Fat free mass is made up of muscle, bones, and water. This number helps determine you metabolism. The higher your fat free mass, the higher your metabolism. Knowing this will help you to maintain your goal weight once you reach it.

Our state-of-the-art Body Composition Scale is one of the tools we use to customize the program for you. Using BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis) technology, the scale will give you an exact measurement of:

Stress management, the development of coping skills, exercise readiness, general problem-solving strategies and relapse prevention are all integrated into the treatment plan. These techniques and skills help patients develop a foundation of knowledge on which to base lifestyle changes and which serve as the basis for long-term weight control. A support group led by a psychologist provides a structured environment in which to practice new skills for achieving weight loss.

Nutrition Component: Our food choices are often determined by factors such as childhood habits, time constraints, and the media. By working with behavior management techniques and nutritional guidance, you can learn to make better food choices at social, family and professional events.

Food is one of life’s necessities. When struggling with weight issues, it often becomes both friend and foe – you can’t live without it, and you’re having a problem living with it. Our food choices are often determined by factors such as childhood habits, time constraints, and the media. By working with behavior management techniques and nutritional guidance, you can learn to make food better choices at social, family, and professional events.

Our nutritionists work individually with patients to monitor and assess food choices, identify trigger foods and situations, and problem-solve ways to achieve healthier diets.  Individualized meal plans are patient driven. We will integrate your lifestyle, likes, and dislikes to develop plans and strategies to promote healthier food selections no matter what type of plan you desire. We work at increasing your nutrition knowledge, exploring available products, and promoting variety of choice.

We also offer liquid diet programs for people who feel that it may be easier for them to attain their weight loss goals with less food choices.

Physical Activity Component: Lifestyle changes to increase the amount of daily physical activity are essential to stimulating weight loss, metabolism and maintenance. The questions “how much physical activity is enough?” and “what type of physical activity should I be doing?” are frequently asked. Your level of fitness will be assessed by our physical therapist so we can prescribe an individually tailored activity plan, incorporating muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.

Medical: Where desirable, medications may be prescribed as an adjunct to the behavioral and nutritional programs to help with appetite control.  You may discuss this option when you meet with one of our internists

BMI Body Mass Index (Weight in kg/Height in m2)
BMR Basal Metabolic Rate (The total energy expended by the body to maintain normal functions)
FAT PERCENTAGE Percent of body weight that is adipose tissue or fat.
FFM Fat Free Mass.
TBW Total Body Water (50% – 70% of total body weight).
IMPEDANCE The body’s resistance to electrical current. Muscle is a conductor and adipose tissue is a resistor, so as your muscle increases you impedance will be lower.
DESIRABLE RANGE Healthy range for Fat % and Fat Mass.
  1. A physician assisted Medical Weight Loss Center offering appetite suppressants
  2. Phentermine
  3. Topamax
  4. Metformin
  5. Tenuate
  6. B-6 B12 injections
  7. Fat burners and protein meal replacement. We also offer With our Licensed Dietition has a  programs and sublingual as well as fitness and nutrition.
  8. We have our exclusive B-6 B-12 products With Lipo-Ignite (a lipotropic injection that can help you lose 2-3 lbs per week) and Crave-X (an appetite suppressant that does not cause jitteriness)




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